My Portfolio

I gained experience as a fiction editor working for UK-based fiction publishing houses. I have worked extensively on the Titan Books fiction list, which covers TV and film novelisations and tie-ins, fantasy, horror, steampunk and science fiction. I have also edited romance novels for HarperCollins, women’s fiction for Simon & Schuster and fantasy novels from the Warhammer 40,000 series for Black Library (Games Workshop).

Since 2018 I have focused primarily on editing romance, fantasy and young adult fiction for independent authors who are seeking a traditional publishing deal or who want to self-publish their novel.




Fiction books edited

Whew! That’s a lot of words. Of those books, the majority were romance, fantasy and young adult fiction, my specialist genres.


Happy author clients

Author clients return to me with new projects year after year. Those longstanding working relationships are what makes my job so rewarding.


Cakes consumed

Did you know that an editorial brain runs at optimum when powered by cake? Experiments to discover which type of cake gives the highest yield are still ongoing…

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