How I can help

An editor’s role is to understand what an author is trying to achieve and help them to get there.

I offer three different services aimed at doing just that.

Developmental edit

You have taken your draft manuscript as far as you can on your own and you want professional editorial feedback. In a developmental edit I will examine aspects of storytelling craft in your manuscript such as plot, pace, tone and style, point of view, characterisation, world-building and genre expectations. I will provide targeted guidance on the most beneficial areas for you to focus on. My feedback will be kind but honest – if major restructuring, rewriting, cuts and additions are needed, I will let you know.

What is included ?

Detailed editorial report

Manuscript annotation

Manuscript assessment

In a manuscript assessment I will read your manuscript thoroughly and provide a detailed report, giving an overview of strengths and weaknesses and commenting on aspects of storytelling craft such as structure, plot, pace, characterisation and style.

It covers similar ground to a developmental edit but does not include the page-by-page annotation of your manuscript.

What is included ?

Detailed editorial report

Step-by-step strategy for how to revise your work


You are happy with the overall content and structure of your manuscript. Now it’s time to go through the text with a fine-tooth comb to prepare it for publication. I will line-edit for clarity and flow, unpack unwieldy sentences, check facts, flag up continuity glitches, ensure consistency of tone and style, and apply the rules of the Big Three: spelling, punctuation and grammar. I will also dive a bit deeper and tackle issues such as dialogue effectiveness, eliminating repetition and redundant words, and resolving any point-of-view hiccups.

What is included ?

Manuscript annotation

Editorial report

Style sheet

“On top of the line-edits, Lucy also delivered a breakdown report highlighting the common issues within all novels, which included explanations on what they are, why they matter, an evaluation on how my writing fared, and direct examples on where this was and wasn't working. That report alone is extraordinarily useful to new and ambitious authors. She's a genuine star within the editing world, I couldn't recommend her more.”

David Bates, fantasy author

“Lucy provided an exceptional copy edit – with not only a forensic attention to detail but with a view also to improving the immersive quality of the prose. Thanks, Lucy, my novel is measurably better for your professional expertise.”

Gary Clark, young adult fiction author

“Everyone should want to work with Lucy. I have never learned so much from an editor before. Lucy's skills are remarkable in every aspect of storytelling. In particular, I want to emphasise her ability to remove redundancies and keep the language concise and fast-paced. She's got a knack for making the story more suspenseful. She's also punctual and responds to messages very quickly. 10/10 recommend!”

Claire K. Bennett, romance author

“Lucy is a high-quality professional with attention to detail. She thoroughly explains her editing decisions while allowing the author to make the final decisions. Not only is she a strong line editor, but she also follows the plot points of the story to provide helpful feedback and suggestions. Would recommend!”

Lindsey Shoemaker, fantasy author

How it works

What I need from you

In order to provide a quote I will need to know the total word count of the manuscript and to see a sample of your work (three chapters or around 5,000 words). A synopsis would also be useful but is not essential. I will also send you a short questionnaire to fill in so that I can understand more about your novel and your publishing goals.

What you will get from me

I will assess your sample and provide you with a no-obligation quote. If you are happy to proceed, we will agree a deadline and a brief for the edit.

Pricing and payment

Fees are agreed on a per job basis. A 50% deposit will be payable once you submit your full manuscript to me for editing, with the remainder due when I deliver the edit to you.


Not sure which service you need?

I wrote this blog post explaining the editorial process and the different editorial services to help you decide which one is right for you. If you’re still not sure after reading it, that’s okay! Just drop me a line explaining your situation and we can discuss which solution will work best for you.